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Day 10 – Twists and turns

May 20, 2013

I had an appointment to with my consultant to confirm my treatment following the lymph node biopsy. I had kind of accepted and got used to the idea of having a mastectomy with reconstruction, and was ready to do that (I had the surgery date as well).  But that’s changed now.

Due to the high probability from assessment since the lymph node biopsy that I may need radiotherapy, reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy isn’t a good idea. As the doctor explained, radiotherapy can spoil the reconstruction. It would be better to have the mastectomy only first, confirm if I need radiation, and then have reconstruction later. The type of reconstruction I’ve chosen will still be possible. I’m so happy about that!

On top of that, I’m having the surgery this week. Short notice, but the best thing. I wasn’t really expecting this outcome today. On the one hand I’m pleased – surgery will be over soon, and the recovery period is considerably less than having reconstruction, so overall it should be less of a stressful, uncomfortable time.

But, I then have reconstruction to contend with again, at a later date, rather than having it all over and done with at once. I also now have to adjust to having a prosthetic, ensuring I have the right fitting bras etc. And how will I deal with my body image? Right now I think I will be okay. I’m generally a confident person, but maybe when I see myself for the first time after the operation it will be more difficult than I imagine. It will undoubtedly be weird at first.



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