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Silver lining of the Cancer cloud

May 19, 2013
Clouds by sidewalkflying_flicker

Image by sidewalk flying

In many situations there are both negatives and positives, sometimes without being obvious or readily tangible. I think as a cancer patient that applies too. I’m not for a moment dismissing the sorrow or pain that cancer can cause, but equally I think one has to try to see what it is that one can gain from the situation. It’s a situation we are forced into – no-one chooses Cancer by choice – so  we might as well make something positive from it, or recognise what positivity there may be…

Thinking about this today, I feel that:

  • Experiencing illness can enable you to empathise with others who have experienced the same, or similar circumstance
  • A cancer diagnosis will most likely make you think at some point about your life, what and who you love, and what is meaningful to you – things we might otherwise take for granted
  • In doing the above, the meaningless and unimportant may diminish as we embrace those things which are not
  • All the above can provide motivation to do more for others

These are no small things, but enhance and provide value and meaning where perhaps there was not before. Every cloud has a silver lining.


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