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Day 8 – decisions, decisions, decisions

May 2, 2013

I had a meeting with the plastic surgeon to explain the various reconstruction options. This was great as she explained fully the pros and cons of each. For me, I had 3 options:

  • reconstruction using implant only
  • reconstruction using muscle and tissue from my back
  • reconstruction using tissue from my abdomen

The meeing lasted about 45 minutes. When I came out my brain felt like mush with all the information I had been given and the decision to make. It made me tearful and deciding this seemed hard to do – each of them have their own risks, and at the end of the day I want the one to me seems to have the least overall, weighing up different factors.

I’m fortunate in that I have very good friends around me who I could talk to about this and get different perspectives. It’s my decision, but being in the situation sometimes you need some objectivity.

I actually ended up deciding very quickly – reconstruction with tissue from my abdomen. Weighing up everything I decided I  really don’t want implants and don’t like the idea of messing with muscle and tissue from my back. I’m not saying these are bad methods, they obviously work otherwise they wouldn’t offer them,  just not the right ones for me for various reasons.

The only problem may be is that as I’m quite slim there may just be enough fat and tissue from my abdomen to make the right size breast….bring on the doughnuts!!!!:)

I’ll admit this was a difficult day. It’s a big decision because you want to be sure you are doing the right thing for yourself, and only you can make that decision. But I think I can comfortably say I’ve made mine, and it’s the right one for me.


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