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Day 6 – Breast biopsy results and diagnosis

April 8, 2013

So today was D-day…my hospital visit to get the results of the biopsy and discussion with the doctor about the next course of action.

The results were a little worse than I expected. Part of me still thought (maybe denied the possibility) that the lump would be benign – cancerous lumps don’t usually hurt I kept reading, and I still couldn’t envision that I would have actual cancer.

But..I do. It’s been confirmed that not only do I have low-grade, non-invasive DCIS, I have some invasive DCIS too, plus the lump is cancerous. On the positive side, the cells taken from under my arm have not shown positive for cancer.

I can’t say I could have imagined these results, but on the other hand it makes the choice of course of action very simple and straight forward for me.  They can’t remove the lump alone or the DCIS without having to remove the breast – the would be too much risk of cancerous cells or calcification remaining. So…looks like I’ll be having a mastectomy.

I feel quite settled about it and calm, which I didn’t expect. Maybe because there are other steps to take before then: it’s been advised to have a CT scan and another scan (can’t remember what it’s called now – a lot of information in one day!) to check that I don’t have any cancer anywhere else in my body before surgery.  I’ll be having a biopsy on my lymph nodes before any surgery too.

The results of all these tests will determine the path of treatment, e.g. whether or not I can have reconstructive surgery at the same time as the mastectomy. It was suggested that there is a small chance I might need some radiotherapy too.

Wow, information overload today! I’m glad I had done some research on DCIS though as it made it easier to understand the diagnosis.




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