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The madness of tomorrow

April 3, 2013

I think this will be an interesting time for me. Upheavals, surprises, shocks…all these kinds of things can make us stop and reflect (if we are sensible enough to!). Of course, any illness which could be life threatening will give pause for thought about our mortality.

Many people who have been through cancer and recovered or other illness which has brought them closer to face death have said how it impacted their life in the sense of making them value more the priceless aspects – love, family, friendship – and the preciousness of appreciating, being aware of, and engaging with what is now.

I am no exception. I’ve always been one to look constantly to tomorrow, planning, thinking about, striving for what can or needs to be done tomorrow…with insufficient thought and awareness of today. It’s a difficult thing to do if that is not ones normal mental make-up. I think actually, it’s probably quite a rare quality to have…if it wasn’t then books such as The Power of Now wouldn’t sell as well as they do.

And our modern environment and society doesn’t encourage, nor promote it. We live constantly for the future, thinking of what we need to later today, or tomorrow, next week, next month…all the while missing out on the now, for in reality now is all we have – the rest is in our minds, and hasn’t even happened yet.

Sounds simple right? Then why is it so hard to do?



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  1. I have successfully helped people recover their health from cancer through nutrition. xoxo It is hard but it is amazingly rewarding.

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