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Days 1 & 2 – Discovery

March 29, 2013

Here begins a journey to I don’t know where.

Day 1 – I discovered a lump by pure chance a couple of weeks ago (was it subconciously triggered discovery). I wasn’t immediately scared or even overly concerned, having been healthy all my life, and having read before that some lumps can be cycsts – one of my friends had that experience. Nevertheless, as I tend to do I did a bit of research on the web as well as paying a visit to a doctor.

Day 2 – The doctor explained it might not be cancer but she would send me for a mamogram ASAP. As the lump was uncomfortable when touched it was also likely not to be cancer. Information I found on the web seemed to concurr. So hopefully it was something minor, and treateable…I still was not overly worried, but was glad for her sense of urgency in getting it checked out…


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