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Day 4 – doing some thinking

March 29, 2013

Something that’s been on my mind is that the doctor used the term ‘pre-cancerous calcification’. The term ‘pre’ when I first heard it made me think that what I have is not cancerous (yet), but the way the doctor spoke it was clear that it needed removing, and it would mean my whole breast would need to be removed.

I was thinking about this again today, and did a little looking around on the web. On one site calcification was explained, but it said that usually this is benign. So why did the doctor say I would need surgery? Further research led me to the term ‘DCIS‘ – Ductal Carcinoma in situ, i.e. cells in the breast ducts have started to turn cancerous, but not spread yet. It’s an early form of cancer, with treatment being in the main surgery. The explanation I found fitted with what I remember the doctor explaining. It seems to make sense now. But I still don’t know for sure. I have to wait a couple of weeks till I get my test results…


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