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Day 3 – Getting it checked out

March 29, 2013

Wow, this was some day…turned out not quite as I expected.

I arrived at the clinic and was in good spirits due to my assumption as to what the problem was.

A doctor examined me, confirming a lump and briefly explained that a mammogram and scan would be performed and a biopsy…

Biopsy!..I hate needles and didn’t like the thought of having to go through that. The nurse reassurred me it would be done under local anathestic and not to worry. Okay I thought, maybe I could handle that…

After a wait I was called in for the mammogram. I have never had one before, and inspite of the circumstances I found the situation very comical, and also interesting to see the machine. I had to stand in slightly awkward positions with my boob sandwhiched between clear perspex squares whilst an image was taken. It was something you might want to put in a sitcom!

After the mammogram was completed I was told to wait to be called for the scan. This seemed to be pretty straight forward. The doctor applied gel to my skin and used a similar type of equipment you get to produce pregnancy scans. I found it fascinating to be able to see the screen and see what the scan looked like. Might as well get something worthwhile from a potentially unpleasant situation!

As soon as the images had been obtained I was told I would have a Biopsy. Now, I thought I would be coming back for another appointment to do this, but no…they were going to do it right there and then. I wasn’t mentally ready for this, hating any type of  injection as I do. But the nurses and doctor were extremely supportive and one nurse held my hand – I hope I didn’t crush her fingers too much in discomfort during the biopsy!

It was over relatively quickly, including the taking of some cells under my arm to test also. But the whole process of scanning, and biopsy when I wasn’t expecting anything like that before I arrived at the clinic kind of left me a bit shaken. I’m not one to cry much or in public but this all  left mea bit  tearful. Thankfully I had a good friend with me for support…and to think I had been prepared to go on my own, not expecting any bad news. My advice…take someone with you if you can to any such like appointment.

Shortly after the first doctor saw me again to tell me the results of the mammogram. He said he was very concerned and showed me the images. From what I remember he said there was pre-cancerous calcification in one breast. He was reticent in going further with any advice  on how to proceed until the results of the biopsy (in case the cells were cancerous, and from the glands under my arm too), but he basically said the breast would need to be removed to be certain of clearing any cancer.

Wow – what a shocker! I had never, ever, expected to ever hear that. I’ve never had a major illness, don’t really smoke or drink, and consider myself quite healthy. But cancer is supposed to be genetic I think, so I guess that’s all irrelevant….

It was a lot of information for one day…the doctors and nurses were brilliant…but I still have to wait for the test results to see what will happen next…all I can think of is that there is a strong likelihood I’ll be needing surgery….


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  1. Sending positive thoughts your way.

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